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At CoreOS we aim to deliver best-in-class deployment infrastructure to the application container industry. Today at CoreOS Fest we're announcing new features in Quay, our hosted private enterprise container registry.

The announcement of Tectonic earlier this month clearly struck a chord in the industry. In the weeks since we declared our intentions – to help enterprises quickly stand up the best infrastructure platform for this next-wave datacenter transformation – we've heard extensive feedback from all parts of the community. We want to thank you for your interest and support so far, and encourage you to stay tuned for more to come over the course of our beta.

Tectonic Launch Image

Our technology is often characterized as “Google’s infrastructure for everyone else.” Today we are excited to make this idea a reality by announcing Tectonic, a commercial Kubernetes platform. Tectonic provides the combined power of the CoreOS portfolio and the Kubernetes project to any cloud or on-premises environment.

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