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Generally Available

Today we are moving from Tectonic Private Preview to Tectonic Open Preview. In the Open Preview period, users are welcome to sign up and try out Tectonic at no cost. This is the last step before we hit general availability, and we welcome your feedback to guide the Tectonic roadmap as we move towards our GA launch. Sign up by going to and begin to experience the benefits of running Kubernetes and CoreOS first-hand.

Tectonic and Mirantis

Today we are pleased to announce CoreOS is partnering with Mirantis to bring Tectonic to customers using OpenStack.

Today Kubernetes hits 1.0. This is an exciting first step towards Google-style infrastructure for everyone else (GIFEE). The project has come a long way in just over a year, with many API improvements and more recently a focus on stability and scalability.

Alongside Kubernetes 1.0, we are launching Tectonic Preview to provide you with a simple way to get started using Kubernetes, CoreOS, Docker and rkt.

At CoreOS Fest in May, we very much enjoyed connecting with the community and sharing knowledge. Today, we want to highlight the session, Under the Hood of Tectonic, to show those who weren't able to attend what we have been working hard to deliver.

Over the past few days I have been in Miami attending the Nutanix .NEXT conference to demo Tectonic on Nutanix and meet with people who are interested in learning about the benefits of containers, distributed computing, and decoupling appications from machines.

Here at CoreOS we take great inspiration from Google. After all, our mission with Tectonic is to provide Google-like infrastructure to everyone else. Google got where it is today, partly because of the distributed systems architecture they have in place.

As a company, CoreOS has been selected in recent industry accolades, notably in CRN, the American Business Awards and CNN. We are pleased and honored to be recognized while we are still a young company and look forward to continued momentum as we grow.

Less than one month ago from today we launched Tectonic. So it was with great excitement that yesterday during Nick Weaver's, director of SDI-X at Intel, keynote at CoreOS Fest, Intel announced that they are going to help Tectonic reach customers as quickly as possible, by enabling the development of easy to order and consume appliances.

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