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Today we announce the release of version 1.4 of CoreOS Tectonic, our enterprise distribution of Kubernetes. Tectonic v1.4 incorporates self-hosted cluster technology, fixes a critical security vulnerability, and streamlines the user experience with our bare metal Installer, Console, and Identity services.

One of our missions here at CoreOS is to help secure the internet by allowing organizations of all sizes to deploy secure and scalable infrastructure in the same way internet giants such as Google, Twitter, and Facebook do. In short we are striving to make GIFEE a reality by working with the community that is developing Kubernetes. Today we are giving a preview of two Kubernetes 1.4 features we implemented upstream with the wider Kubernetes community.

Today we're excited to announce the release of version 1.3 of Tectonic, the infrastructure platform that enables enterprises to securely and reliably run containers with Kubernetes anywhere. Tectonic v1.3 incorporates several new features that address enterprise requirements for deploying application containers in production with Kubernetes.

During the last three years at CoreOS, we've been building components and products focused on enabling businesses to run containers anywhere with enterprise-grade security, reliability, and scalability. CoreOS is delivering what we like to call GIFEE: Google's Infrastructure for Everyone. Google pioneered container-based distributed infrastructure, and demonstrated both the value and the methods of deploying and running large-scale distributed systems.

In only three years, CoreOS has grown from a company in a Silicon Valley garage that set out to rebuild the security of the Internet to a business leading the renaissance of cloud native infrastructure and advancements, building and bringing enterprise Kubernetes and GIFEE to all.

Today we're thrilled to announce version 1.2 of Tectonic, the CoreOS enterprise Kubernetes distribution for running and managing application container clusters. Tectonic is a completely supported technology stack for deploying containers in production. Built atop the CoreOS Linux operating system and the Kubernetes cluster orchestrator, Tectonic packages an array of tools for deploying, monitoring, and managing applications and infrastructure.

To help you achieve #GIFEE (Google's Infrastructure For Everyone Else), we now offer you various ways to experience Tectonic to match where you are on your journey to containerizing applications.

We are happy to announce the release of Tectonic version 1.1, making it even easier to take advantage of the software-defined infrastructure benefits of containers. Tectonic delivers the best of CoreOS with Kubernetes for deploying, managing and securing containers throughout the enterprise distributed computing stack. Major updates in Tectonic 1.1 include Kubernetes 1.1 support and log streaming through the graphical Tectonic Console. The release also delivers bug fixes and feature improvements in Tectonic Identity.

If you haven’t been to our Web site in some time, you’ll notice that today Quay, by CoreOS, got a new look.

Along with our new look, today we are excited to share some updates.

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