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We're excited to release version 0.3.0 of etcd, a highly-available key value store for shared configuration and service discovery. Read on to learn about the changes in this release or hop over to GitHub to download the latest binaries.

Today we released etcd 0.2.0 which introduces major features including an improved v2 API, two new modules for fair locking and leader election, and tons of new features.

Major Changes

v2 API

etcd 0.2.0 introduces a new API endpoint at /v2. This API has been built on all of the feedback we have gotten from the community of users who have been building projects on etcd. The major features of the new API include:

This etcd release, v0.1.2, is putting some final polish on the 0.1 series of releases. The big feature is a new dashboard designed to visualize the latency of the followers in the network and give you the ability to browse and edit the keyspace. Checkout this Youtube video for details.

etcd is ready for its first release! We just marked v0.1.0 and uploaded binaries for Linux and OSX.

These are the major features in this release:

Today we would like to announce etcd, a highly available key value store for shared configuration data. CoreOS built etcd to solve the problem of shared configuration and service discovery. etcd is inspired by projects like Zookeeper, or doozer, but is a completely new piece of software. Some of the key design features:

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