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This is a guest post by Lucas Carlson, Head of CenturyLink Labs

Here at CenturyLink Labs, we help people learn how to adopt new technologies like Docker and CoreOS into their daily lives. This has given us a unique perspective on the Docker ecosystem because we are trying to stay on top of one of the fastest growing open-source projects in history.

After talking to tens of thousands of developers and ops people, we kept hearing the same thing over and over:

Update: We've updated a few aspects of our training program and the CoreOS Specialist certification is not offered at this time.

Today we are excited to bring you more opportunities to learn about CoreOS - both through the Linux Foundation’s Certification Program that was announced today and through in-person training courses.

First off, Happy SysAdmin Day. We think we have a pretty good SysAdmin surprise in store for you today as we are announcing the CoreOS stable release channel. Starting today, you can begin running CoreOS in production. This version is the most tested, secure and reliable version available for users wanting to run CoreOS. This is a huge milestone for us. Since our first alpha release in August 2013:

CoreOS has a rapidly incrementing version, 197.0.0, 247.0.0, and so on. It is a little known fact, but the version represents the number of days since the CoreOS epoch on July 1, 2013. And we hope to make 365.0.0 a particularly special release. Over the next week this release will go through our alpha and beta channels and, if all goes well, it will be the first version to be promoted to stable. So, watch along with us in the release channel to see if this is the one!

Earlier this morning at Structure, Rackspace announced OnMetal, their API-driven, single-tenant infrastructure-as-a-service offering. We are excited to announce that CoreOS will be available at launch!

At our inaugural meetup here in San Francisco, our host Geekdom SF, was kind enough to film and edit our talks for your viewing pleasure. We know many of you have been asking about the talks so without further ado here are the talks in all their glory.

CoreOS: Anatomy of a CoreOS Update

Presented by Brian Redbeard Harrington

When you're first exposed to a distributed platform like CoreOS, running a development environment that is complex enough to match production seems like an impossible task. This article is going to show you how convienient it is run a small CoreOS cluster on your local machine with Vagrant that will mirror the way your production machines are set up.

Just a few updates on the CoreOS alpha for you. The latest release (160.0.1) includes:

Our first vagrant images are ready to try. If you are new to vagrant checkout our Vagrant guide for install instructions. Already have vagrant? Then it is as simple as:

git clone
cd coreos-vagrant
vagrant up
vagrant ssh

Thanks to @mitchellh (vagrant creator) for helping us get this going.

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