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Tectonic and Mirantis

Today we are pleased to announce CoreOS is partnering with Mirantis to bring Tectonic to customers using OpenStack.

Today we are announcing rkt v0.7.0. rkt is an app container runtime built to be efficient, secure and composable for production environments. This release includes new subcommands for a rkt image to manipulate images from the local store, a new build system based on autotools and integration with SELinux. These new capabilities improve the user experience, make it easier to build future features and improve security isolation between containers.

Note on rkt and OCP

Today we’re pleased to announce that CoreOS, Docker, and a large group of industry leaders are working together on a standard container format through the formation of the Open Container Project (OCP). OCP is housed under the Linux Foundation, and is chartered to establish common standards for software containers. This announcement means we are starting to see the concepts behind the App Container spec and Docker converge. This is a win for both users of containers and our industry at large.

CoreOS is proud to have continued proven excellence with recent recognition as a leading company in the industry from SD Times, AlwaysOn and Red Herring. Recognition is a testament to the momentum we are building. We welcome you to join us on this journey to bring Google-like infrastructure to the world as we continue to build solutions that are solving the real software infrastructure problems of today.

As a company, CoreOS has been selected in recent industry accolades, notably in CRN, the American Business Awards and CNN. We are pleased and honored to be recognized while we are still a young company and look forward to continued momentum as we grow.

At CoreOS Fest we have much to celebrate with the open source community. Today over 800 people contribute to CoreOS projects and we want to thank all of you for being a part of our community.

We want to take this opportunity to reflect on where we started from with CoreOS Linux. Below, we go into depth about each project, but first, a few highlights:

At CoreOS we aim to deliver best-in-class deployment infrastructure to the application container industry. Today at CoreOS Fest we're announcing new features in Quay, our hosted private enterprise container registry.

Tectonic Launch Image

Our technology is often characterized as “Google’s infrastructure for everyone else.” Today we are excited to make this idea a reality by announcing Tectonic, a commercial Kubernetes platform. Tectonic provides the combined power of the CoreOS portfolio and the Kubernetes project to any cloud or on-premises environment.

2,000 of you voted for CoreOS on DigitalOcean and we're happy to report that it's arrived. Starting today, you can head to DigitalOcean, choose the CoreOS image, and start experimenting with containers and all CoreOS has to offer.

Update: We've updated a few aspects of our training program and the CoreOS Specialist certification is not offered at this time.

Today we are excited to bring you more opportunities to learn about CoreOS - both through the Linux Foundation’s Certification Program that was announced today and through in-person training courses.

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