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Today at CoreOS Fest 2016 in Berlin, we recognize the hard work of the community that helped get us where we are, and dive into the latest news about some of our most beloved projects and products, including etcd, rkt, Clair, and more.

Today we're thrilled to announce version 1.2 of Tectonic, the CoreOS enterprise Kubernetes distribution for running and managing application container clusters. Tectonic is a completely supported technology stack for deploying containers in production. Built atop the CoreOS Linux operating system and the Kubernetes cluster orchestrator, Tectonic packages an array of tools for deploying, monitoring, and managing applications and infrastructure.

We are excited to officially introduce Ignition, the next-generation machine provisioning utility from CoreOS. Those who follow along closely may have noticed that Ignition has been a part of CoreOS for the better part of a year. The project has had time to be tested and to mature, and the features and user interface are in a place where we are happy to encourage daily, heavy duty use. It’s also a good time to welcome the community to test and help improve Ignition. Before diving into the details, let's understand why we built Ignition in the first place.

The latest edition of rkt, the modern, secure container engine required to assemble and secure today’s infrastructure at scale, introduces a number of updates to highlight. rkt version 1.3.0 improves handling of errors within app containers, tightens security for rkt’s modular stage1 images, and provides a more compatible handling of volumes when executing Docker container images rather than rkt’s native ACI image format.

You may have heard that the open source project Clair by CoreOS recently released version 1.0. If you’ve been following along, you may also know that Quay’s Security Scanner, a container registry feature that analyzes container images for known vulnerabilities, is based on Clair. Quay Security Scanner now has an entirely new interface atop the Clair 1.0 APIs and PostgreSQL backend.

Today we’re happy to announce the release of etcd v2.3.0, focusing on improving stability and reliability. This release also introduces an experimental implementation of the next-generation v3 API, including a client and command line tool, providing developers early access to the future of etcd.

Clair, by CoreOS

Four months ago, CoreOS launched an

A high severity bug in OpenSSL has been patched in the latest versions of CoreOS across the Alpha, Beta, and Stable channels. CoreOS systems set to perform automatic updates (the default) will receive the fix in the next several hours.

If automatic updates are disabled, you can force an update by running update_engine_client -check_for_update.

If you have any questions or concerns, please join us in IRC freenode/#coreos.

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